New eBook Medical Tourism, Travel & Health Insurance


Before going anywhere abroad as a regular traveler, you need to check if you require a visa or a series of vaccinations, and ensure you have travel insurance. If you are going to be a medical tourist, (you plan to pay to have surgery abroad) you have to make sure that you have the right kind of health and travel insurance

On-Line Health Care Pilot Scheme

Amazon has launched a virtual health clinic with in-home follow-ups for employees in Seattle, dubbed Amazon Care.

The company announced the program on a web site, Amazon.care, that is currently publicly accessible but did not formally announce the news outside the company. “Amazon Care is a benefit being piloted for Amazon employees and their families in the Seattle area,” the website reads.

Aids to Daily Living -Video 4 Tips for using long shoehorn in the bedroom

The fourth video in a series of videos showing economical gadgets that are useful for people with painful aching hands, to help them with daily activities. This video shows the versatility of a long handled shoehorn. For more information email:


I forgot to mention that I have elastic shoelaces in my shoes. These are often found at the Dollar stores and allow me to easily put laced shoes on and off with out having to ties the laces.