Medical tourism – what you need to know

Vancouver Courier Feb. 15th 2017
It’s a phenomenon that has grown and shifted exponentially since Europeans first began flocking to therapeutic spas or others took to the jungles of South America for a spiritual awakening.

Today, medical tourism is seen as a viable way to avoid long waitlists, limited availability or bureaucratic delays.

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  • Medical Tourism – Surgery for Sale! How to have surgery abroad without it costing your life.
    • In this webinar, I will be discussing what medical tourism is.
    • Then steering you through a review of the issues to consider
  • Medical Tourism – Surgery for Sale! – Checklist & Workbook
    • A more in-depth look at the research process with exploratory questions you should be asking potential surgeons and healthcare providers.

What is Medical Tourism?

When people speak of medical tourism they are usually discussing the practice of going outside of the country where they live and paying for a surgical procedure to be performed. With this book my intention is simple: to stimulate reflection and conversations about why you want the surgery abroad and what the effect on you, the healthcare system abroad, and at home may be in relation to your engagement in this venture.
Over 800,000 Canadians travel outside the country on a yearly basis to obtain medical/dental services not pre-approved by their provincial health plan.